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SleepDrive is the place where a person can learn more about sleep and mental health. Better yet, a poor sleeper can retrain himself to be a good sleeper.  Yes, sleep must also be trained. SleepDrive is a platform where educational video seminars about sleep and mental health are uploaded. The contents of the seminars are different and always focus on a certain topic, either, for example, sleep disorders or the physiology of sleep, or instead how to restore your sleep rhythm or fall asleep better and faster. The contents of the seminars range from general education to workshops. Sleepdrive video content creator and knowledge sharer is Kene Vernik. 

Videos can be purchased individually or as a company. You can order specific content, but you can also order the entire course. You can find information about the videos here:

Somnologist-technologist, psychologist
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Kene is a big fan of sleep medicine and has been working in this field for 16 years, since 2006. She is a psychologist (MA) by training and a certified sleep technologist. She has trained large companies and done a lot of individual counseling - for all those who have had trouble with their employees or with their own poor sleep. Having worked in a public and private clinic, she has seen many different sleep disorders and, as a sleep technologist, knows very thoroughly what one or another sleep disorder is. In addition, completed full training in KKT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and Schema therapy. For those who don't know who sleep technologists are, the employees in the so-called sleep research center who conduct polysomnographic studies and so-called score, i.e. evaluate them. However, Kene has also completed numerous different trainings specifically for insomnia, and the main one that is used worldwide based on science is still CBT-I (cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia). Educated in Finland, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, France. Worked in Finland and also in France. But mainly operated in Estonia (Tallinn and Tartu). She has also published a general educational handbook on sleep "Good Sleep Guide"; 2019, which is being reprinted again and again.

There is more about him  also at


Membership in professional organizations:

  • European Society of Sleep Medicine

  • European Society of Sleep Technicians

  • Estonian Schema Therapy Association

  • Estonian Sleep Medicine Society

  • Union of Estonian Psychologists

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